Thursday, 13 October 2011

How to make Flying Fingers Cards

I would like to share the fun shape cards which I have found in Craft Stamper Magazine December 2005 issue in article by Penny Bearerofi "Flying Fingers". 

The base of the cards is made form A5 size cardstock.

Fold the long card base in a half along the long edge of the card and the other along the short edge.

I marked the line to be cut off. Lenny dosn't say in her article how much of the edge she cuts. I do approx. 1cm.

Here are the cards after cutting off the top edge.

Cut off the long (right side) edge of the card.

Here are two ready card bases.

Here are examples :)


Here are more examples of Flying Fingers Crads

Thank you Penny for sharing your great idea of adding this funny twist to the basic shaped cards:)

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