Sunday, 27 November 2011

Crafty Bits and Bobs

This post is about the paper I use to create flowers :) Crafty Bits and Bobs from  Great Expressions are from Poundland (England). 

The pack looks like that:

Every pack is different. You never know what you get ;)

There are many papers with different colour and texture.

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  1. Thanks for this Joanna ... I will be in Poundland as soon as I can as your flowers are always so beautiful

  2. Too bad the packs in the US don't come with such a nice variety of papers, here we get regular textured/quality cardstock, nothing fancy. I wish I could buy the pack online :P

  3. I love getting crafty packages like this from Poundland! I always hunt for them whenever I'm in England; I also like The Works, they sell nice & affordable crafty packages too.


Thank You ✿

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