Sunday, 12 February 2012

How to make daffodils

I would like to share my way to create little daffodils.
I used Spellbinders Rose Creation die.

For daffodil I used one light yellow flower die cut for petals and two smaller (just one size smaller) flower die cuts from slightly darker yellow paper. I used light paper.

I sprayed lightly with water the bigger flower on the reverse.

Turned over and pinched each petal in half. I just wanted to achieves the look roses have.

While flower is wet on the reverse it is easier to roll petals sides with fingers the way picture below shows.

Here is the reverse side (wet side).

And here to top side. I dried the flower with heat gun.

The centre of daffodils I created form two smaller flowers (just one size smaller).

I embossed petals with stylus on foam mat the way I described here. Here is video by Sherry Cheever how to emboss petals. Each petal need to be pressed with circular motion on foam mat so it will go up like on the picture.

Here are ready petals and two flowers for the centre which need to be glue together.

The centre of daffodil glued together.

All parts glued together.

I just pressed daffodil on a mat as I always do with flowers.

I added some glue on petals inside the centre in order to close them up gently.

And pressed with fingers gently.

Ready daffodils next to the card with daffodils in a vase.

Sunshine on my desk means winter is almost over :)

ps. I have found interesting daffodils tutorial by Astoria.

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