Sunday, 16 October 2011

How to make Rose II

I would like to share how I create my roses which are similar to Anna Fearer roses, eg. velvet one here, Anna doesn't explain how she makes her beautiful roses. I got the idea how to make similar rose after watching Sherry Cheever's tutorial how to create these flowers here. 

You need four same size flowers with five petals. I used Joy! Craft die. These are the biggest from the set.

Press each flower the way Sherry Cheever shows in her tutorial (I do not mist with water).

Ready flowers with petals up.

Now just glue them one by one.

When the rose is ready just press it gently in your fingers. It will close up.

And press gently from the top. Petals will brake a bit which help them to close.

Ready roses.

Same roses using Cherry Lynn Rose die. 

(anex 26.12.11)
On the day I prepared my little tutorial I did not know that Anna Fearer has posted tutorial for these roses already :) it is here.

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