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How to make Rose I

I have made some pictures to show how I make a rose from Spellbinders Rose Creation die. I create my rose thanks to this video tutorial by MyScrapWorld which I have found today 30.6.12. Before I have seen these pinched petals at Charlotte at Raven Design who showed these flowers at her blog. I also use Tim Holtz technique to make my roses. The only difference is I use five petal flower and stylus tool to put the rose together and glue the petals only at the sides. As the die cut flower is not symmetrical I always cut out the biggest petals. To create 
flowers I use handmade paper.

Thank you My Scrap World so much for sharing your great pinched petals idea.

Ready flowers, water and eg. stylus.

Mist the flowers with water and wait momentaly so they will soft.
Please do not mist on cutting mat. I have damaged it and had to replaced. It soaked water and was not flat any more...

Twist each petal one by one for example on stylus.

Pinch the petal on all its length. I pinch with nails. I do it using both hands. Here on the picture I hold camera with the other hand.

One pinched petal. 

Rady flowers with pinched petals need to be dry eg. using heat tool.

When the flowers are dry I often trying to make them a bit straight - more open by pulling them apart carefully not to destroy pinches.

The make a rose you need three same size flowers.

There is how the flowers look after pinching them the way Charlotte does. You need wet the flower, put each petal one by one around eg. stylus and pinch. Then wait till its dry or use heat tool to dry. Here Vickey Albero shows how to do it and shows how to make wild rose :)

I cut the biggest petals out the way the picture shows.

I glue the petals only at the sides.

All flowers are glued and ready to put together.

I put the rose together using stylus tool.

I use stylus to hold the flower together when glue it.

Just press gently.

Cut out the end of two last pieces of the flowers. It is just because there is no much room left to fit the last pieces.

Place the last piece using tweezers.

Ready roses.

When glue is dry I cut out the end so I can glue down the rose easly.

I always use tweezers to glue flowers down.

Often when I create flower spray on a card I cut the end of leaves so they fit better under the flowers. Often pinch them too. Here on the picture are pinched leaves.

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  1. beautiful roses! thanks for the tutorial! <3

  2. Hi Joanne,

    Love you're creations so much,glad I found you ^_^"
    thanks for sharing these gorgeous flowers!!
    Wish I could order just one to take a good look!!
    I just become your follower don't want to miss anything ;)

    Hugs Sonja

  3. Gorgeous flowers Joanna! I would like to ask you what kind of paper do you use to make them?

  4. Thank you :)
    I use home made paper. I described it in this post:

  5. thank you for the tutorial! beautiful roses!

  6. This is the best Flower tutorial i have ever come across , Thanks a million for sharing ...Sachi

  7. Joasiu, szukałam tutorialu na kwiatek i proszę! Trafiłam do Ciebie:) Bardzo przystępny samouczek, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.


Thank You ✿

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