Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to make poppy flower

I would like to share how I created my poppy flowers. I based on Astoria's poppy flowers tutorial - here - I just have made some changes to petals, poppy centre and crated one extra half open flower. To open Astoria's tutorial please click on "master class" in brackets. I have found Astoria's tutorial on Kasia's blog Mój Dom Różany :)

To create a flower I cut two circles. To trace the circles I used the lid from my spray bottle. Circles are about 4.5cm in diameter. For the poppy centre I used confetti punching black and grey card stock with Crop-a-Dile with the smaller hole.

To create a petals shape I folded the circles in four and cut at the edge the way shown on the picture.

I misted with water and scrunched each petal. Then unfolded gently and dried with heat gun.


For the flower I glued both dried petals together and pressed on mouse pad.

I added some grey and black confetti first and then in a centre some extra light green confetti.

Folded with fingers and left to dry.

Then shape the poppy.

A bud and half open flower.

To create a bud and half open flower I used a steam from my hydrangea flowers. Two small leaves from Spellbinders Rose Creation die and one petal which I prepared same way as for the flower.

For half open poppy I twisted steam around the petal the way I tried to show on the picture and left the petals open. I added some black and grey confetti to the centre. Little leave I used for the bud.

Ready half open poppy.

For the bud I added steam the same way as before and closed petals.

I added some glue inside.

And small leaves on sides.

Ready poppy buds.

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  1. Thanks for a great tutorial Joanna.

  2. So beautiful! I am always impressed with your crafts, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Joanna. I made the flower and used it on a birthday card for a friend. See here

  4. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have made a brooch using your tutorial. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx


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