Sunday, 22 April 2012

Flat Rolled Rose

I just thought to share the way I rolled the Large Die-Namics Rolled Rose. The rose is  9cm (3.5in) in diameter.

I used home made paper from Crafty Bits and Bobs.

I embossed the edges of the rose on the reverse.

Here is how the embossed rose looks on the reverse.

And here how it looks on the obverse ready to roll.

When I was rolling I kept petals folded.

I added a little bit of glue at the end as usual for the rolled roses.

Then I let it go on a mat holding gently.

Now I try to shape the bottom petals. I like them to get the shape of five petals flower. I just keep moving the bottom part of the flower until the rose get five petals at the bottom all around.

Then I twist the centre with the tweezers.

And glue around here and there.

And shape with fingers.

Here is finish flat rolled rose :)


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1 comment:

  1. Extremely b'ful... Even I like to make flowers with handmade paper.. it gives a perfect look to the roses...
    thanks for sharing!


Thank You ✿

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