Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mini Rose Bowl-Box

I was looking for a box tutorial and I came across with a beautiful Bowl-Box made by Wenche at Wenches Short & Paper blog and so I wanted to do my own version of the box. Thank you Wenche for inspiration and tutorial :)

 I decorated mini rose bawl-box with some roses, Spellbinders Lables 20 and some bits from 'Say it in pearls'. To cut the edges with the die I followed the steps at Malgodia's tutorial. I will show you soon what I am planing to put in the box :)

I am sending my box to a challenge 'Rose' at Sklep BerisArt.


ps. 6.7.2012
Thank you :)
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  1. Your box is beautiful. I have liked that tutorial for a long time, but I have never made the box.

    I love your paper and flowers!

  2. Irma in California7 June 2012 at 07:32

    Joanna, another lovely piece of work! And the flowers are absolutely gorgeous.


Thank You ✿

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