Sunday, 21 October 2012

A box with a drawer...

a drawer full of hand made roses :)

It si called Easel Drawer Box Card.

I knew straight away what the drawer is for :)

As a drawer handle I used a key and little heart which I attached with wire. I used double sided tape to attached the wire and covered it with decorative cardstock.

The box has 'legs' - four big blinks :)

Roses on a card are in 'a vase' which is a laser die cut frame form Stempell&Kartoon. I have painted it with antique white acrylic paint. I have used 3D tape to stick the middle part of the wase. 

I have seen this type of a box on blogs before but recently I have found this easy tutotial: clik and I wanted to try to make one myself. It is very easy, I did not even read the instructions, I just looked at the pictures. Thank you busymitts :) I decided to make my easel card 4in by 4in. The box is approx. a half cm bigger than the card. The height is approx 1 and 5/8in. I have extra added to suquares on the top of the box anf the bottom which are slightly bigger than the box.
The sentiment on the card is a stamp: 'What I make with my Hands, I give with my Heart' .

The box full of roses I would like to send for a charity venu for Marcin Sporek. I hope that there will be someone who likes make cards and will use those roses :)

Have a nice evening, thank you for stopping by 
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  1. wow this is so beautiful and am sure whoever receives it will totally love it. xx

  2. Irma in California25 October 2012 at 04:37

    Absolutely beautiful, Joanna. I want to make one myself. Thanks for sharing your awesome work.


Thank You ✿

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