Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I would like to share with you cards I have received from my blog-friends. I have just came back from Poland, where Łucja and I met our mum. My mum keeps cards I receive and now I hade I chance to picked them all and bring to England. On my way to Poland I hade my suitcase full of cards I made for my blog-friends as a thank you for the cards I received from them, as thank you for the candy I have won or just to say hello to the one I know well now.

This card I received from Wandy. Thank you :) I have won the second price at Wanda's candy :)

This card is from Marta. Marta send me a card as thank you for the card I sent to her. Thank you :)

And this was a surprise from Maggie from Bulgaria :) It is a prise which I luckly won at Maggie's challenge. Thank you :)

This tag I received from Boei :) Thank you :)

And here candy from incognito :) Thank you :)

And on that picture is a prize from GoScrap, which I won at their Summer challenge. Thank you :) There is on the picture my Summer mini alnum.

Recently I have met my blog-firend Ewa from evikowe-ch-File. Ewa visited London and us :)

Yesterday I have met Gosia from Kartkowy Świat Gosi, who leaves in Malbork (Poland) in my hometown :) This card made by Gosa na imieniny I had the pleasure to have in my hand and have closer look :)
I was worried before meeting my blog-friends but it was not necessery as it was very nice to meet Ewa and Gosia, we were talking and talking... :)

There are on these pictures below flowers which Gosia bought for me and kept them untill they dried. These flowers are called 'everlasting flowers' or 'straw flower'. Thank you :)

I would like to try to use these flowers on my cards. If I will make something I will share with you :) The idea to picked these flowers for the cards came from Asuki 'My room clock'. On the close ups you can see two of these flowers (I think as I am not sure or thses are 'everlasting flowers'). Thank you Asuki for the inspiration :)

Have a nice evening :)
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