Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas Baubles with Shaker Boxes

I took some pictures, while making a bauble for my sister, to share how I put together my Christmas baubles.

To cut the shapes I used two size circles from LifeStyle die set.
I printed, on cream card stock, two Christmas pictures from Janet at Digital Paper.
I cut (matching size to the pictures): two same size circles from 1.5mm cardboard; two/three same size circles from paperboard; six rings from card stock; two same size acetate rings. I decided not to use 3D tape to mount shaker box as I wanted smooth edge of the bauble so I can glue the ribbon around.

First I made shaker boxes (one with the church is ready).
I cut out the decorative ring from the printed picture. Then I needed three card stock rings, one shaker box base - 1.5mm cardboard. And one acetate ring. I inked all edges with Distress Vintage Photo ink.

First I glued the ring on the 1.5mm cardboard base.

Then I glued in the picture.

And then two more rings one on the top of each other.

Here is ready base for shaker box, acetate and decorative ring ready for the next steps.

I added double sided tape at the edge of the ring.

Cut out the excess of the tape.

And added extra drops of glue between the tape so the fine glitter will have no way to get out.
Then I added, in a middle, some gold fine glitter.

And covered it gently with acetate.

To add the decorative ring on the top of shaker box just add some double sided tape and glue same way like before.

The shaker box is finish. Need two of these to make a bauble.

To make a bauble: two ready shaker boxes; two/three rings from paperboard; ribbon; some sand paper to polish edges of the bauble

Before gluing all together I put all rings together to see or the thickness of the bauble matching the ribbon width.

My ribbon was to width so I added one more papercard ring.

Now just glue all rings together.

And before gluing the shaker box, check or both shaker boxes pictures are in right position.

This is how the bauble looks on the side when is glued together.

I just left it under the book for a while so it dried flat.

To decorate the bauble I used: ribbon, two poisenttias, three pine cones, some leaves, some red steams, metal embelishements, hot glue.

Measure the length of the ribbon around the bauble and for a loop.

I noticed that the ribbon was a little bit transparent so I decided to paint in white around the edge before gluing the ribbon around.

And now just glue the ribbon cearfully around with hot glue. I have made this bauble thanks to Arlene 'Nutcracker Sweet Ornaments' tutorial.

Leave some room at the top for the loop.

And make a loop.

Before gluing the pine cones to the bauble I added a leave (Spellbinders Shadow Flowers die).

The first thing I added to the bauble was the metal embelishements.

Then hand made poistenttia.

Then on a side pine cone on a leaf.

And the same on the other side.

I added a bow made of linen tread.

I added a bow just behind the poisenttia.

There are some room near the loop so I added some leave (Spellbinder Shadow Flowers) and some leave from poisenttia (Tattered Poisenttia die).

And in a middle of these leaves the last pine cone.

And then under poisenttias on both sides I added some red steams.

Ready Christmas baubles with shaker boxes.

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