Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hello :)

Hello. Some of you might know some not that I have two blogs, they are twin blogs. One I write in Polish and one in English. I have created a twin blog in English while looking for a good way to translate my posts, as Google Translator sometimes translates in a funny way :) I have been thinking and have decided to stick to one blog only as sometimes it is confusing for you as well as it time consuming to write two the same posts (Blogger does not like 'copy and paste' the post always needs formatting).

My dear blog friends, Followers and All who are visiting my blog, please switch to my current blog where I write post in English and in my native language - Polish. 

Here it is
or just click on my logo/the flower, which is on top right, it will take you tomy current blog :) 

I hope to see you there :)

Kind regards,
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