Monday, 11 June 2012

What I make with my Hands I give with my Heart

I created a mini rose bawl-box for roses which I would like to give away :) When box is closed it holds twenty six flowers different sizes. The ones which do not fit the box I will pack separately :)

Together :)

Please, if you would like roses, leave a comment here under this post or under a post on my twin blog which I write in my native language - here. I created my twin blog thanks to Eva at Greek Salad :) If there will be more than one blog-friend who would like roses I will draw one person on the 23rd of June :)
The sentiment on the card is a stamp from Creative Expressions.
In that 'roses' way I would like to thank you for kind comments and for visiting my 'quiet cubbyhole' :)

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  1. The roses card and box are so beautiful. I love the delicate colors of the roses on the card, and the vase. I've been an admirer of your blog and your cards for quite a few months now and visit every time you update. (You're in my sidebar so I always remember to visit). :-)

  2. Irma in California12 June 2012 at 03:01

    Joanna, the roses are absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn't want them? I certainly do!

  3. I love your flowers and look at every post. Getting those box of flowers would be a dream. A big hug to you

  4. You are so your roses...would love to win some!

  5. Joanna I am possibly your newest visitor! What a greeting awaited me - your magnificent card and beautiful box of roses. I would so love to be the lucky winner. Now I'm off to browse your blog.

    Mary Mac x

  6. Oh my, happened on your blog through a friend, the roses are lovely, I enjoy making flowers as well, yours are beautiful. You do not have to include me in the drawing as it would be expensive to send to the states. But I have enjoyed visiting you - great tutorial on making your flowers. Thank you for sharing.


Thank You ✿

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