Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mini box of roses will go to...

Here is our daughter with all blog-friends comments. I have counted my both twin blogs comments. Here are these left on a Polish side :)

Roses will go to Asia at J.M. Inspiracje :) Asia please email me with your address:

Thank you for all kind comments :)


This beautiful necklace I received from Maryś at  * kiedy budzi się ☼ ...

Maryś is talented artist. Maryś painted a portrait which is closed in a little necklace. Here is the post with the original portrait 'Ruda' - 'Ginger-hair Girl'. Thank you Maryś :) The necklace is an award for taking place at Maryś guessing game at her blog. We where trying to guess what Maryś is painting at her home. There was over twenty of blog-fiends taking part in that game and Maryś awarded all of us and two winners :)

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