Friday, 24 August 2012

Telescoping or maybe peacock cards...

These cards supposed to be telescoping cards but... I forgot about gravitation... and when I looked at them when finish I just thought they are peacock cards instead ;)
I always take some magazines to read on our family trips, on these one day only too. I have recently found telescoping card in November 2011 Craft Stamper magazine. I thought I will try to make one :) First thought was to use Łucja's picture hidden behind as a little surprise and then on the middle circle to add greetings from Łucja and flowers on the front :)
Proper telescoping card stay closed. The front of mine went down as it is too heavy and also because I changed places where brads are attached. I changed it to horizontal as I wanted Łucja's picture to be up right while card will open :) so I have two peacock cards... :)

I hand made daises with hand made paper using Spellbinders Daisy Heads, open roses using Spellbinders Rose Creation and rose buds using Cherry Lynn Rose dies.

Here cards are half open. Pink card is for Łucja's aunt birthday and the other - less pink one ;) - is for Łucja's dad.

And here fully open. In the middle are greetings from Łucja :) She draw some more circles to match the card ;) I thought she will 'write' something in her language (she is just four years old) but when she saw all these circles she could not think about anything else than add some more circles... :)

These two pieces of paper are the first two circles I gave to Łucja to draw her greetings on. She draw something  then went to her room and came back with these pieces of paper which are 'circles' cut by Łucja :)

I have found video tutorial on YT for telescoping card - click and here. I just added my card on a circle card base, and attached brads horizontally not vertically. Also I added extra card stock under each circle. I started with the smallest circle - added extra card underneath. Then connected a small circle with the medium circle with bard. Then I added some glue on the middle circle but not near the brad as I noticed brads are moving while cards is opening and closing and glued an extra card stock. Next I connected the middle circle with the card base with a brad and added card under the biggest circle which is the inside of the card base. That way I have hidden the back of each brad.
I would like to enter my cards to #11 challenge at 'make something with picture'.

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