Thursday, 6 December 2012

Little Hydrangea Flower

I would like to share my little hydrangea flower. I made my hydrangea using Joy! Craft die. I made them all thanks to Klaudia's tutorial how to make beautiful hydrangeas. I just did not add color to mine as I die cut all from color hand made paper and I just pinched petals as it was easier to me. I pinched petals the same way like for these roses. After pinching I rolled petals with stylus tool on an embossing mat to give them nice shape. I made a lot of these flowers and then was wandering what to add as a center... And finally I made some little hydrangeas with twine center and would like to share some pictures how I put together the flower.

I have cut flowers from color hand made paper, using Joy! Craft die. I used two flowers same size and one smaller.
As a center of a flower I used a little bit of twine.

I glued all flowers together.

I used stylus tool to keep my center open.

And just a little bit of twine.


Folded in a half.

I put through the flower. This is the back of the flower.

And this is the front with a little loop. If the loop is a little bit too big then push it back.

Glue at the back.

Press on an embossing mat (or mouse mat).

And then I just press the loop with a big stylus tool on a craft mat so it flatten.

After glue dried I just shaped the flowers with fingers.
Here are ready flowers. I have also made one of the single flower and it looks nice too :)

Here are picture with my flowers I had made some time ago when Klaudia shared her tutorial. Now I will start using them more often with a twine center :)

I have bought twine thanks to Dorota who share a tutorial about making steams of the twine 'How to make a flower with steams'.

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  1. So lovely Joanna!! I love your work!! Thank you for sharing it with us! Big hug from Romania and Happy Holidays!!!


Thank You ✿

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