Sunday, 15 July 2012

On Wedding Day

 For my card I used a 'Shadow Flowers' Spellbinders die and hand made roses using 'Rose Creation' die by Spellbinders. The hearts are laser die cuts form Stempell&Kartoon as well as the stamp 'W dniu Ślubu' - On Wedding Day'. I painted hearts with antique white acrylic paint.

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  1. Irma in California16 July 2012 at 01:48

    Welcome back, Joanna! I have missed you in blog-land. The card is simply elegant. I adore your hand made roses and have used your tutorial myself. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you Irma :)
    I am happy you make the roses too :) Do you have a blog or gallery so I could see your creations? :)


Thank You ✿

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